Traffic Survival School is for drivers that are guilty of traffic violations, that have point accumulation in their driving record or that are at risk of suspension of losing their driving privileges.

This program was designed to help change or modify driving behaviors.

This defensive driving course – Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving was designed to be an instructive intervention course for major traffic violators including for those driving under the influence of alcohol or any drug DUI/DWI. In general the participants of this course are drivers that:

  • Are required to attend by any judicial court.
  • Are required to attend by their employer.
  • Have been involved in an accident.
  • License has been suspended.
  • License has been revoked.
  • Have multiple citations.

The fundamentals of this course come from the Choice Theory /Reality Therapy (CT/RT), Written by Dr. William Glasser. (Dr. Glasser change the name from “Control Theory” to “Choice Theory” to reflect with precision the process to choose behavior as part of the global objective of therapy) The objective of CT/RT Is to help people satisfy their needs in a more positive and responsible way. In the “Choice Theory Selection” this objective is obtained by asking people to:

  • Identify behaviors that can generate problems for them.
  • Choose positive behaviors that will satisfy their needs.
  • Create a plan that will change their undesired behaviors.

If you received a notice of “Corrective Action” or a “Proof of Assignment” from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). or if you received an order of the court indicating that you must to complete a “Traffic Survival School (TSS)” class. Arizona Driving School can help you meet that requirement.

Our school and instructors are certified and authorized by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), Division of Motor Vehicles (MVD) and the National Safety Council of USA (NSC).

  • Hours and duration: 8 hours. The class lasts 8 hours. It starts at 8am and it ends 4:30pm. There are several 5 minute breaks throughout the day, with a 30 minute lunch break at noon.
  • Registration Process: Previous Registration is preffered, however we do take walk-ins but you must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the registration start time. Registration starts at 7:30 am.
  • Payment Method: 
    Phoenix School Accepts different forms of payment: (cash, credit & debit cards, money order, and cashier’s check). No personal checks accepted. 
    Hampton Inn Westgate: We accept cash, money order, cashier’s checks. No personal checks accepted.
  • Requiements for this class: Present your letter of “Corrective Action” or “Proof of Assignment” from the Division de Motor Vehicles (MVD), or the order from the court indicating that you must complete a “Traffic Survival School (TSS)”

If you do not have your letter please contact MVD or the court to request a duplicate of your order or letter or obtain your case number so that you are able to register for the TSS class. If you do not have your letter or case number you will not be able to register for the class.